Budget Entities

A budget entity is an organizational unit that receives budget authority from the legislature.  A budget entity level is the organizational level in the state organization chart. 

Budget Entities are controlled through Accounting.   Budget Entities don't change very often.

The Budget Entity Task contains three screens:

The first screen in the Budget Entity is the Listing Screen:

Budget Entity Listing

Edit Budget Entity Information

  • L1 - Level 1 - Department.  Always DCA. Always 52
  • L2 - Level 2 - Division (i.e. Division of Emergency Management)
  • L3 - L5 - The assignment of these levels is at the discretion of the department. However, they are usually:
    • L3 - Bureau
    • L4 - Section
    • L5 - Not currently used.  Always 000.

If you enter an Inactive Date.  This Budget Entity will not be available when processing transactions or distributing funds.

The <Back button DOES NOT save your changes.

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